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Thursday, 20 October 2016

3 Strategies to Encourage A Dyslexic Child

1.Help Children Understand Dyslexia

When children have a learning disability it is easy for them to think that they are not bright or that something is wrong with them. However, the truth is that people with dyslexia think differently than other people, but those differences can be a blessing. Dyslexic people are often very creative people who can “think outside of the box.  Many are also great problem solvers and can see patterns that other people miss.

2. Build Success into the Lesson

When students are slowly struggling to read or write it can be so discouraging and frustrating. When working with students it is important to “sprinkle” success throughout the lesson. After doing something new or difficult, make sure to do something the student is good at. This keeps up the student’s morale and the teacher’s morale as well.

3. Help Children to Shine

If children are struggling with dyslexia, it is important to find what they love doing and promote that. Are they good at math, art, or baseball? Whatever children love and brings them joy should be a high priority to encourage their spirits. As educators it is our responsibility to encourage children on their learning journey.