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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Winter Fun Solving B and D Confusion

Winter is one of my most favorite times of year.This year  I was thinking of what I could do to incorporate winter activities and multi-sensory teaching. I mainly work with dyslexic students, who really benefit from hands-on learning, but I firmly believe all children benefit from incorporating as many senses as possible during learning experiences. This is especially true of beginning readers

I just finished a great winter-themed pack to help with b's and d's and I wanted to add other Christmas themed activities to go along with this pack.This year I decided to have the children decorate Christmas cookies with b's and d's.I squirted on the frosting and the kids built the letters with colored candies. This was great fine motor activity too.

While not quite as sweet as the real thing this gingerbread cookie sort is also great. Like all my resources it comes in color and black and white. Perfect for literacy centers.

We also built a red and green play dough bed for our kitty friend. This is a great way for kids to get a 3 dimensional image of these tricky letters.

Another activity I just love that combines reading, fine motor, and visual tracking is line and loop. Students start at the beginning of the line and loop the correct word, but never take their pencil or crayon off the paper. I have many of these types of activities in my new B and D reversal pack for winter.  All ready to print and use. I laminate mine so they can be used again and again.

Sand trays are fun and a great sensory activity. This is  a Christmas twist using red and green and the kiddos had a blast making b's and d's with this sparkly floral sand stuff.
Multi-sensory learning is fantastic. Why not try some of these activities with your students who struggle with B and D confusion.

B and D fluency is so important because if kids aren't able to tell the difference it really slows down their ability to read, That is why I made another fun pack of great Christmas activities to excite young learners.

In addition to the activities, I shared there are also fun mazes, word fluency practice, B and D line and loop, and B and D word match sentences. I also have included a phonemic awareness activity with b and d gifts for Santa's sleigh.  There is even a free winter b doesn't bump his belly poster. There are so many activities this pack will last you through the winter months. If you think these activities will help your students you can buy them here.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Teaching Reading with the Christmas Story

I absolutely love sharing the wonder of the Christmas story with children. Advent season is so special when children are young. I also adore teaching reading with Bible stories. When I was working as a teacher in public schools it was not possible, but  when I worked in a Christian school in Haiti and when I home schooled my kids having them read the Christmas story was a highlight of the year for me. One problem I found with reading the Christmas story with beginning readers was finding one written using decodable words for kindergarten and first grade. This year I decided to make Nativity Reader's Theater Unit with a mini-book that young students could read successfully.

 Then because I always like to connect reading and writing. I added pages that students could write on  themselves. If children are struggling with reading writing gives them a multi-sensory expression of the words.

 Children can copy from their mini-book or they can paraphrase and write their own sentence.

 A mini-book is great,but reader's theater is my favorite to help with reading fluency. If you want your children to practice reading give them a script and let them perform and you will see the magic happen. 

If you are reluctant to do Reader's Theater then below are some guidelines to help your students.

  Guidelines for Reader's Theater 

1. Every student  needs to follow along with the script, even when it's not your speaking part. 

2. When it is someone's speaking part, NO ONE is going to give  a reminder or even a little nudge. (This is difficult on the others that want to give a  pssstt!! to their friends. However  it builds much better accountability for the reader, and everyone follows along better.)

3. If  a student finishes reading their part, and  and the next person hasn't caught on that it's their turn to speak, just repeat your last line again until the next person realizes it's their turn. 

4. Students should use their best reading expression. If  someone makes a mistake, be calm stop, relax and reread the line again.

These Guidelines will make your Reader's Theater a joy at home, school or church.

 I  also included some character cards which you can attach with a template headband or make into a sign for the different children to wear if you don't have costumes. Or even if you do kids love headbands.

 If you would like them for your  students you may find them for FREE HERE at my store.

 I hope you enjoy this reading pack and stay please follow this blog because I will soon add other Bible Story Reading Packs. So follow my store to get these stories and other great freebies. Don't miss out. Merry Christmas! Rejoice!